The Web Concierge is a communication platform and a powerful tool to keep an eye on payments, on your customers' requests and data.
A complete package including different services: let's discover them all together! 

📌 Additional Info 📆      
      Ask the customer to fill in the the info about the arrival time, the details of their
      flight and documents, display your cancellation policy and allow your new
      customers to book Extra services.

📌 Fast Check in 👤      
      The customer will have the chance to fill in their personal data, contact details and
       documents to complete the check in online. Save time and make your customers
       save their time, by keeping everything under control in complete safety and
➡️ Ask for document pictures🗽
You can ask your customers to upload pictures of their documents.

📌 Create a Rental Contract 📎 
Find out how to create a Rental Contract and let your customers sign it online.

📌 Door opening code 🔑 
From this section you can generate a code for your

📌 Invoice data 📄    
      The customer will save their invoice data, making check out procedures quicker.

📌 Messaging System 📱      
      Customers will send messages right from the WebConcierge and you can get back
      to them right from Octorate.

📌 Payments  💳
      Right from their personal booking summary page, customers will check both
      the payments made and outstanding payments in real time: they can pay the
      balance of their stay, make modifications to the reservation and manage payment
      methods in complete safety.

📌 Email Templates 📩
      Create thousands of email templates to be sent either manually or automatically to
      your customers: to confirm the reservation or a cancellation, before or after the
      check-in, during or after the customer's stay.

Customers won't have to download any application as the Web Concierge is accessible by any device. You can sell your customers the link to the WebConcierge, by including the specific link in the Template.
You will only have to select the variable as you can see here below👇