Group Reservation

You may need to create a group reservation because a Company decided to stay in your accommodation for the year-end company trip, for instance. Consequently, it gets fundamental to be able to manage various reservations with the same characteristics from one single page.

Access the [Reservations] section, then click [Add new reservation], just like you do when you manually add a new reservation into the system.


At this stage, select the dates of your interest, then set the Group reservations entry on Yes, before you click [Search]

You will automatically see this new section, where you can:

1) Add the name of the group
2) Select a Rate Plan, a Cancellation Policy and/or a Scheduled taking Rule
3) Work in progress - This function will be activated in the next days 
4) Choose the payment method
5) Select the Agency card, if you have it in the system 

⚠️ WARNING - The selected options can overwrite the selected items in the various setup sections in Octorate. Example: If the selected rate plan is associated to a cancellation policy, from this section you can always choose another customized cancellation policy to be applied to this specific case.

6) Type in any potential special requests

Now you can click [Search],

select all the rooms of your interest, then click [Next].

You will find yourself on the group management page, a single Dashboard ,where you can carry out a bunch of activities that we will see together in a while.

However, first of all you need to type in the Manager of the group’s data and save at the bottom of the page.

💌  N.B. The voucher is not sent automatically once the booking is saved.
Once you have completed all the details, you will have to manually click on [Send Voucher] at the bottom of the page to deliver the email to the address entered in the manager details field


From the sections dedicated to each specific room, you can:

a) Access the Police/Stats card
b) Get into the details of the specific reservation
c) Add a room of this same type, with exactly the same characteristics to this group
    N.B. one you add it, you will find it at the bottom of the list.
d) Remove this specific room from the group
e) See and update the check-in/out status
f) See the main details of this reservation 
g) Extra and costs

You can also add a new room to the group, by clicking the dedicated button at the bottom of the page,

which will redirect you to the initial search page, from the Reservations section. 

You can also delete the full group of reservations, from the dedicated button at the bottom of the page.


If you wish to filter reservations of this type, click on the group button from the Reservations section. 
You will see this same icon against each reservation of this kind.

You can decide whether to activate the Compact View to view all the main details of the individual rooms summarized on the main page 📹  take a look at the video at the bottom of the page to see a preview.

Read the article on Invoicing for group bookings, to find out how to record the extras / collects and the billing options available for reservations of this type.

Should you have any doubts or questions, please leave them here in our Community!

Talk to you soon!