Are you a property manager and want to assign specific tasks to your team members?

If the category you choose in Settings > Property is a Vacation Rental (e.g. an apartment) 

With Octorate it is possible to set up a checkin clerk and a checkout clerk for your reservations. ✈️

First of all, you will have to create the users  in your Octorate account, in the settings of each user you want to enable to manage checkins or checkouts, you will have to activate these options:


In the Calendar > Checkin/Checkout section you can associate users with reservations.

Reservations will appear in grey if the checkin and checkout activities have not been associated with any user yet : 



They will appear in green when the checkin and checkout activities are assigned and the user's logo will also be visible:



To assign a checkin/checkout employee, simply double-click on the reservation and select the user from the drop-down menu:



You can also assign the checkin/check out clerk of a specific apartment to a user by default by going to the details of the Apartment > Clerks 

If you change the user that by default is the Checkin/out clerk of an apartment, you'll see the following warning:

By choosing YES, the new user will be the checkin/out clerk by default of that apartment. 

By choosing NO, the new user will be the checkin/out clerk of that reservation only.

From the drop down menu of the toolbar in Calendar > Checkin/Checkout you can filter the users:

You'll find a tab with the report of the activities carried out by the users depending on the filters you choose.

WARNING: the Clerks statistics shows a weekly view by default. Make sure to uncheck the Weekly view entry from the View button of the toolbar to see a monthly view 

It is also possible to print out the report of the activities carried out by clicking on the printer icon:


🚦Users in charge of checkins, checkouts and housekeeping will be able to access Octorate and view only the reservations that have been assigned to them.

🔺ATTENTION!🔺 The function is designed for those structures (vacation rental) that provide for the cleaning of the apartment only at the end of the stay, if you need to organize your cleaning also during your guests' stay, then you will have to use the OCTODAILY function.