VRBO connection process


⚠️ Should you already have your listings created on VRBO, you have to proceed anyway with the creation of the apartments as described in this guide.

Remember that the basic requirement to be able to go on with the connection process is

🔹being in possession of a corporate VAT number🔹
* the VAT number must be associated to a company and not to a single person.



The connection process for VRBO requires 4 main actions:

- The connection request
- Creating the property
- Push the listings
- Fill in the onboarding file

1) Connection request

From your Octorate account go to the Channel manager > connect a new site and search for VRBO (homeaway) and click connect:



Click on connect again on the following page: 


(if you have a multiaccount you have to to do in in each son account)


2) Creation of the property

If you have made the connection request, you can now create your property. Click on the button with the blue house:


On the page that appears you will have to enter the general conditions of your property.

If you want you can also enter a Rental Agreement but from January 2021 it is no longer mandatory .


3) Push the listings

At this point, you will need to create your listings.

from Octorate, you will have to send the content related to each room/apartment to VRBO. Access the Rooms/Apartments section and follow the procedure you find in the dedicated article 👈

make sure that all the listings respect the specific requirements!

Once you will push your listings, you will find them on the mapping: 




4️) Get in touch with the Octorate Team and get the Onboarding link

Send either a message via Chat or send an email at tech@octorate.com, by informing the team you have completed all the required steps and you are ready for the following one. One of the team members will make a check on your profile, then send you the link to proceed with the Self service onboarding, which will enable you to follow a guided procedure to complete the connection.

⚠️ make sure you have a credit card to complete the onboarding procedure.

In the form you will be asked to specify your ID code, if you have a multi-account, this usually coincides with the ID of your master account in Octorate. 

After completing the onboarding link, the portal will contact you to confirm that your listings have been placed online. 
If you already had an account with active listings on VRBO, the portal will take care of merging your old listings with the new ones created by Octorate.


ATTENTION: Compiling the onboarding file is a necessary requirement to complete the connection, if this step is not completed, even if the connection will be active on Octorate, your ad will not be published.


It is important to know that VRBO, when connected to any Channel Manager, stops managing payments for reservations. Click HERE to check how to manage payments for VRBO. 


Talk to you soon!