The minimum requirements for VRBO

The basic requirement to be able to proceed to connect with VRBO is 
🔹being in possession of a corporate VAT number🔹
* the VAT number must be associated to a company and not to a single person.


In order to be approved, a VRBO - HomeAway listing
must have the following characteristics:


the address must include street name and number, city, postal code📍

description of at least 400 characters - up to 10.000  📝

geographical position 🌏

title between 20 and 100 characters.It is strongly recommended that it describes the listing ex. House with sea view 🉐

at least 6 pictures with a minimum 400x300 resolution 🎑The photo order will be the same as in Rooms > EditIn case you do not have a pic of the living room/common area, the first pic should show the outside of the building 

 a consistent selection of amenities, following your search criteria 💝

maximum occupation level of the room 🚻
Click HERE, for further information about the occupation level.

number of bedrooms 🏠

number of bathrooms 🚽

property type 🔑

number of license of the business activity  🔢

listings must have a calendar with prices and availabilities 📅


Also don't forget to activate the payment methods for your property, VRBO will take this information from Octorate.


Go to booking engine > Payments and configure the payment methods you want to activate.

If you want more information about payment methods, click here.


Click HERE to figure out how to create/modify your accounts right from Octorate! 
Talk to you soon!