Payment management with VRBO (HomeAway)

It is important to know that VRBO, when connected to any Channel Manager, stops managing payments for reservations. 

Consequently, when a guest books on this portal, the VRBO commission is paid immediately by credit card, however, the payment of the reservation becomes the management of the structure 🏠

💰 Payment method setup

If in Booking Engine EVO> Payments you have selected only Credit Card 💳 as the available payment method, we will receive the card details together with the reservation and you can then proceed with the usual debit methods common to all OTAs (manually or through one of the Payment Gateway available). 

If, on the other hand, in Booking Engine EVO> Payments you have also activated the bank transfer and / or Paypal, payment via Invoice will also be activated, so once the booking is received, if the guest has chosen one of these two methods, you will have to contact him to provide him with the details necessary for payment. 

You can automate this procedure by creating personalized emails to send to your customers, if you have the Web Concierge included in the subscription. 

⚙️ Payment rule management

In order to choose this portal in your automatic collections settings, you will first have to create a fake booking linked to VRBO.

To do this go to reservations > add reservation you will have to select the source of the reservation by entering VRBO:
​Then you can configure your automatic collection from the settings > Taking 👇

Use the Scheduled Takings options to set up payment rules.

In case you wish to proceed with automatic takings via the Payment Gateway, but also if you only need to inform your customers about payments they need to take (with other methods as well) you will only have to create taking rules according to your needs.


1- You wish to collect the 30% of the total of the reservation on the customer’s Credit Card when they confirm the reservation and you have a connected Payment Gateway.
👉 Set up 999 days before the arrival, 30% of the total amount, select Credit card as payment method and set the Charge on credit card entry on Yes.

2- You wish to set up the payment of the 30% of the reservation with any payment method at its confirmation.
👉 First of all, activate the payment methods from the Booking Engine EVO > Payments section, as described above. From the scheduled taking setup page, type in the days and the amount then.
Select the payment methods available from the drop-down menu (credit card, bank transfer, etc.) and set the Charge on credit card entry on No.

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