Octo Post-it! (en)

Messages for your colleagues, notes to be saved, reminders to be scheduled… 
you write down everything on a post-it and you paste it onto your PC screen. 
Then you lose it, God knows where, together with the message you had to remember.

But not this time. Here is Octo Post-it: a digital board where you can take notes for you and for your colleagues. Let’s see how it works!

From no matter which section in Octorate, click on the upper-right arrow to open the board on the screen. 

Type the message in the dedicated box, then Save.
You can also include a direct link to a specific reservation! 
You just have to type in a # followed by the reservation code or the name of the guest.

⚠️  WARNING - by selecting a reservation, you will see a code (1) but don’t worry.
Once you save the massage, the reservation will be displayed correctly (2) and you can click on it to access the details of the reservation itself.


Once the action has been completed or anyway, if you wish to delete the note, just flag it and update the page.

You can also tag one of your colleagues/associates that have their own user created in the Settings > User section, either of the account you find yourself in or in one of the accounts belonging to the network.
Type @ followed by the username, to tag a person.

In this case as well, you will initially see a code that will then turn into the full name of the user once you save. The user will see the message as soon as they get into their Octorate account and they can flag the note and update the page to delete the message once it's been noted and carried out.

If you wish to set a reminder, instead, apart from inserting the text, you will have to select the date of the reminder. The saved message will temporarily disappear until the selected date comes.


You can also use this tool by using Octorate on your phone (⚠️ wait, not from the App) and following the path shown in the screenshot below 👇

Should you have any doubts, post it on our Community!

Talk to you soon!