Forecast report

You can access to this section from PMS > Statistic > Forecast Report


The Forecast Report shows you the details of the collections of a given period, to allow you to make future forecasts or any potential changes or updates to your strategy.


Choose the period of your interest from the drop-down menu and click [Search]

At that point you will see data filling in the various columns relating to:



Tot booked Rooms: Apartments / Rooms sold

Single Res: Number of rooms sold resulting from single reservations
Group Res: Number of rooms sold resulting from group reservations

% Occupancy rate: Ratio between rooms sold and the rooms available in the structure

Revenue Stay: Collections related to the stay
Revenue Extra: Collections related to the extras based on the date of consumption. When this is not present (in the case of Extras calculated by quantity and registered in advance), they will be considered on the check-in date.
Example: it is January 26th, I have a booking with arrival on February 12th and I add an Extra for a Panoramic City Tour of Euro 50. The registration date is  (26/01) but in the report the amount will result on the date of the customer's check-in (12/02).

ADR Stay: ADR or Average Daily Rate calculated by dividing the total revenue from the rooms by the number of rooms. In this column, the revenue will be related to the amount of the stay.
ADR Extra: Average Daily Revenue related to the Extras added to the individual rooms.

Arrivals (n. Rooms): number of rooms that will be occupied on that day by new customers
Departures (n. Rooms): number of rooms of guests that will check out on that date
Rooms out of service: number of rooms out of service in the selected period

Number of guests, adults and children.


In the upper pane, the data are shown in relation to the single days of the selected period.
In the one below, we find the total of the data in a first line showing historical data, a second one showing future predictions and finally a line showing the total of the first two lines.


You can print the Report in a PDF or Excel file by clicking on the appropriate buttons