Booking Engine - Payments

Find out how to set up payment methods for your Booking Engine!

In booking engine > payment setup you can set payment methods that you wish to allow on your website.

In General settings you can decide if:

- set up instant booking (1)

- whether to automatically cancel expired bookings (2), those bookings that have not registered a bank transfer within the days indicated in the "bank transfer" field *.

- Request the full amount of the reservation if the rate chosen by the guest is a non-refundable one (3)

- Establish a cancellation policy by selecting the number of days within which you can cancel for free (4)



⚠️ ATTENTION: if you have multiple cancellation policies for your property, you will need to configure them through the rate plans and set the "do not show" option in this section (4) (manage with rate plans).


In the following sections, you can choose which payment methods to activate on your booking engine. Let's go and see them one by one:

  • Credit card: You can select which circuits to activate and which not



If you are using a manual POS, we recommend that you activate the PIN immediately to be able to view your credit cards.


If you want to integrate a payment gateway you can do it from settings > takings and terms of sales, this will also allow you to make scheduled collections.


  • Paypal : When your customers are booking from your website and choose PayPal as their payment method, they will have 30 minutes to complete the payment for the reservation. After this time, the system will automatically cancel the reservation. Bookings with this payment method will require to pay the total amount of the stay at the time of booking if you did not set any value as deposit.


  • Bank transfer: the configuration of this payment method requires the setting of two details: Days useful to make the transfer and Number of days after which the reservation will be expired and will be automatically canceled *.


The number of useful days that the customer has to make the transfer. The system will show the warning 
- Ex. Remember you can pay by March 20th! If the customer's reservation is close to arrival and consequently, the days to make the transfer cannot be respected, the bank transfer will not appear among the payment methods available to the guest.


It refers to the actual due date of the payment. Example - in this box enter 2 as the value. The customer books on March 20. If by 22 March I do not receive the transfer from the guest and therefore, if the system does not find any collection recorded in the booking details by that date, the booking will be automatically canceled.


⚠️ ATTENTION: The system cannot detect that the transfer has been made. To confirm the reservation, access the details of the reservation and click on "confirm".

You can also register the payment manually for your accountability.

  • Payment on site: at the time of booking nothing is requested from the customer, not even a credit card as a guarantee term. The customer will pay directly at the facility. In the "Maximum number of days in advance" field to provide this payment method only for last minute bookings (ex. reservations made> 2 days in advance)



You can also ask for a deposit.  The amount of the deposit will be requested to the guest at the time of booking and will be automatically charged if your Octorate account is connected to a payment gateway.

You can decide whether to request a deposit as a percentage or for the first night. By activating both options, the guest will be asked to pay the higher value as a deposit.