If you want to check and monitor your daily activities and register a cash closing, this article is for you!

What is daily closure?

The daily closure, in Management, corresponds to the cessation of operations (collections, invoices) for the day. It is a highly recommended daily action in terms of management and taxation.

This daily act allows you to have a regular follow-up of the financial flows of the property. It also allows professionals to quickly identify any operational inconsistencies that could result from errors, omissions or theft. From a fiscal point of view, these documents make it possible to fight against fraud.

Given the needs related to the hosting business, Octorate allows for periodic cash closing, but any errors are then more difficult to detect.


Let's see how to make a cash closure!

From PMS > Accounting > Cash closing it is possible to access the dedicated section.

In this section click on Create new (1) and enter the date(s) for which you want to save the closure (2)

On the right side of the page, in the "Details" section, you will find the list of all the data to check in order to correctly close the daily activity.

For each section it is necessary to tick the box to confirm the data.

It is also possible to validate everything by clicking on the green button.

To check each section you can click on the arrow (1), and directly see the page with the information, or click on the + (2), to see the details.

If you need more time to check all the required sections, you can also save a draft and come back to it later:

Once all the detail items have been selected, you can save the cash closing by clicking Save.


In the "Cash closingโ€™s list" section, after selecting the days,ย  you will find the list of closures carried out with the name of the operator who took care of them:

If you have not closed, the system will automatically close one after 60 days. Subsequently it will no longer be possible to change the cash register closure.

The user displayed will then be "Permanent checkout closure"

Once the cash closing has been saved, it will be possible to download it

You can choose which information to view and whether to send it via email or download a PDF

โš ๏ธ ATTENTION: If you don't see the cash closing section in the PMS accounting menu, check your user permissions in Settings > Users and verify that your user has permission to view/edit this section.

You will also find the option to cancel a cash closing.

If there is an error on the invoice, you will then need to issue a credit note or create a new one to supplement the uninvoiced receipt.


See you soon !