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Marc M.
Asked a question 11 days ago

Hola, I understand web concierge has octochat, but i dont want to miss messages coming form the channels. I just started and believe you have message integration with expedia, airbnb and booking. Do you have message integration with these big 3? Does it require configuration? if so, where or how? If there is message integration, where do we see the messages? Is there a widget to put on the dashboard so we can see recent messages in one place and is there an unanswered message filter?

Where am I?

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Good morning dear Marc and thank you for your question!

The messaging system inside the detail of your reservations can be activated with the portals Booking.com5 and Airbnb. With reference to Booking.com5, make sure that the messages have been activated since teh beginning of your connection with our channel manager.

For Airbnb, make sure that the portal sends to you the alias e-mail adresses of your guests.

If you cannot see the messages of your guests from the portals, send us a message so that we can check your specific situation.

I wish you a great day!

Best regards.

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