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Asked a question 2 years ago

Hello , at the booking site if someone ads 4 adults he won't get a suggestion of 2 double room but only for the triple room or no room at all, can I do something for that? I mean if someone want to book a room let's say for 7 persons ,he can't do it through Octorate booking engine, he needs to book each room separate. Can I change it?

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Good afternoon Nikos,

you can active the Alterntive Results options on Booking Engine > Main Settings 

Alternative results (more rooms together) if there is not any room available
When set on ON, the system will display combinations of various rooms, in case the rooms/apartments of the property are either booked already or in case they cannot host the number of people that has be typed in the research.

Example 1

I have a triple (already booked), a double and a single room.

The guest makes a search for 3 people.

They will get the combination double + single, as a result.

Example 2
I have a triple, a double and a single room.
The guest makes a search for 5 people.
I do not have any quintuples. However, the guest will get the combination triple + double room, as a result.


⚠️ N.B. among the alternative results, rooms without breakfast and/or NR rooms are never associated with rooms that do not have the same characteristics.

Example: I will never have a NR Triple + Standard Double, as a result