Housekeeping and Maintenance 路 App

Find out how to manage the daily activities of your property from the app!

To correctly view your reservations in the Octorate app and better manage all the features related to cleaning and maintenance, you must first configure the real rooms of your tableau.

Rooms will only be visible if there are reservations assigned for that day. Moreover, all the info you selected when saving the View on the OctoDaily will be displayed.

From the Octorate app is possible to set the checkin of your guests, the cleaning status of your rooms and report any faults for maintenance.

Let's see all these functions in detail!

  • Checkin 馃懆鈥嶐煈ㄢ嶐煈

From Menu > Reservations > Edit against the reservation of your interest,
you can register the Check-in/out of the customer

Accordingly, the small icon of the plane on the Housekeeping calendar will turn green.

  • Housekeeping 馃彣

Click on the Housekeeping entry on the App Menu.

Click right on the small bin, to change the cleaning status!

It is also possible to set a model picture 聽to be able to indicate to your collaborators how to clean the room, following very specific cleaning standards.

  • Manteinance 馃洜

Add a technical note, by clicking on the wrench!聽

The room that needs a particular maintenance will be indicated with this same symbol also in the tableau in desktop view:

All users who have permission to manage the rooms in the account will see the alarm with the room's technical note as soon as they log in from the desktop:

If you want to know how to leave more notes to your collaborators, we recommend that you read our article about post-its!

See you soon!