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Payment Manager
Payment Manager
  • Credit Card verification and pre-authorization hold
  • Virtual POS
  • Real time currency converter
  • Digital receipts
  • Search and display online operations
  • Bank reconciliation
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@lisia @.Octorate Tribe
Customer Success at Octorate

🇫🇷 Webinaire : Calendrier, Tarifs et Dérivés, Payment Gateway

@Melissa Mechoulam explique en détail les principales fonctions d'Octorate:

  • Le Calendrier
  • Comment créer des Plans tarifaires et des tarifs dérivés (min 06:30)
  • Comment configurer le Payment Gateway

🍿 Bonne vision

@lisia @.Octorate Tribe
Customer Success at Octorate

🇮🇹 Webinar: Calendario, Piani Tariffari & Derivate, Payment Gateway


  • Il Calendario
  • Come creare piani tariffari e tariffe derivate - (min 6:15)
  • Come configurare il Payment Gateway - (min 12:10)

🍿Buona visione

Booking Engine - Payments

Find out how to set up payment methods for your Booking Engine!

In booking engine > payment setup you can set payment methods that you wish to allow on your website.

In General settings you can decide if:

- set... (More)

Gestione delle Fatture Elettroniche

Le nostre soluzioni per la gestione della fatturazione elettronica:

📌 Manuale
con il PMS generi le fatture in formato XML.
Il file potrà essere successivamente gestito con un software esterno oppure tramite gli strumenti dell’agenzia delle entrate:

  1. tramite il servizio... (More)