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How to create a derived rate

Access your Rooms > Manage Rates

Click on the + on the room of your interest to create the derived rate:

A new popup will appear:

In the new window insert the following information:

  • Edit the name of the new... (More)

How to activate iCal connection!

ICS is the universal format used by many email and calendar applications as Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and iCal from Apple.

With the iCal connection, Octorate is enabled to check the ics data in order to create correspondence: dates will... (More)

The Booking Engine OTA!

โ–ถ Webinar

1- Create the new OTA
from the mother account, access the Booking Engine EVO > OTA Booking Engine section, then click [create OTA] to create the new Network.

In the new page fill in all the information for... (More)

Set up Stripe on your Octorate account!

Stripe payment gateway is an American corporation supporting more than 100.000 companies in 25 countries. Its technology offers fraud detection and protection, in addition to managing online payments ๐Ÿ’ณ

For more information about Stripe costs and services, click HERE... (More)