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Ross Davenport R.
Owner and agent
Asked a question 6 months ago

We have one specific house where they do their own cleaning and they want to make sure that they have enough time to get a property ready for a booking. They therefore want to make sure that noone can book their property closer that 48 hours. Can you stop just a single property from taking bookings within 48 hours but all other properties on the account are normal and can take bookings on the same day?

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Hi Ross,

Let's assume that the properties are under the same account and were created separately, for example Property A and Property B. You could still apply the CutOff to 2 days for Property A while Property B will still have no restrictions of Minimum day of notice.ย 

Keep an eye on this article where it is explained in detail: CutOff Days ยท Minimum day of notice18

Kind regards!ย