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Laura B.
Owner of Al Destino Marrakech
Asked a question 3 months ago

Hello, I need help to create the rooms for my villa and then link it to the entire villa. I'm offering to rent the entire villa at the same time as well as individual rooms. So the point is that if a room is already booked it will be impossible to book the whole villa and inversely if the entire villa is booked it will be impossible to book the rooms individually. Not forgetting that I am connected to Booking and Airbnb so if the villa is rented on airbnb automatically it closes to the Channel calendar for the rooms. Thank you

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Thank you very much for your contribution to our community.

You can create a suite room (it's a room, in your case the villa, that includes the single rooms) and the rooms and the entire villa share the availabilities.

I listed below the link of the article that explains how to do it:

How to create a Suite Room

IMPORTANT: on B.com15 this configuration is not suggested (related to the mapping), you should connect on B.com15 mapping either the entire villa or the single rooms otherwise you may risk overbookings. This is because on B.com15 it's possible to make multiple reservations and therefore a guest can book all together the entire villa and the rooms as if they are separate units and not linked by availabilities.

Instead with Airbnb you can connect on the mapping both the entire villa and the single rooms, that's because on Airbnb it's not possible to make a multiple reservation (I refer to the chance to book more than a type of room at the same time).ย 

Talk to you soon!